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Commander Ulysses Feral

SWAT Kats Universe

Retired Air Force (20 yrs), Cat Groomer (20 yrs, retired), writer since 2006, mother of three girls. Living in the Northwest, USA.

Writer of Gen and erotic SWAT Kat fan fiction featuring my fav character Commander Feral. Have written crossover fics for Loonatics Unleashed, CSI, Criminal Minds, Dresden Files, Harry Potter, Anita Blake - Vampire Hunter, A-Team, X-Man (Wolverine), Eureka. Recently begun writing some original fics (short stories, non-fiction, flash) and a novel during the NANOWRIMO Challenge Nov 2011 (succeeding in putting down 57,876 words by the 21st of that month getting my first certificate). Going to give that a try again this year. Hope to publish an urban fantasy novel or a memoir of my time as a cat groomer, we'll see. Meanwhile I'll keep pounding out fan fiction, my first love.